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AR JEWELRY by amy Radzik & maria ellena serrano

The Elegant Bullett

Lucky Camel

The Steer

Skull & Bones

The Bullet Stands Alone

Black Panther

Hand of Hamsa Blue

Bang Bang

The Golden Lion: 10 black Chek beaded strands with a Golden Lion Locket. Length is 14" to 22", adjustable.

Black Panther: Hung from black suede & gold chain a ornate black panther hangs 11" down, measures 22.5" overall. Gold Swarovski crystals enhance the black panther into a day wear or a very sleek and sexy necklace to wear at night.

Silver Panther: On Black & Silver chain hangs a delicately detailed silver panther. Hangs 9" down and is 18" long unclasped. Great for a jeans outfit or a LBD. Super cute.

Lucky Camel: Double strand 16" hanging down. Maroon Chek beads with silver camel & a few luck charms. A beautiful necklace to layer with thin ones.

Bang Bang: Double black strands measuring to 13" hanging and 26" unclasped. Adjustable for another wrap layer. Decorated with handcuffs & Guns. You can use this one to dress up or dress down.

The Bullet Stands Alone: On a simple gold chain that measures 10" hanging including pendant. Size is fully adjustable. Makes for a great layering necklace.

The Elegant Bullet: On a silver chain hangs a perfectly elegant bullet that hangs 10" down your chest. Great for classy, & dress-up & of course great for layering.

Bullets with Chain: .22 ammo accented with silver chain, on silver chain hanging 17.5". Great layering necklaces. If you want to special order a bullet necklace and get money off, send me your ammo and I will drill it and creat you one. Just contact us.

Crosses: On thick silver chain accented with mini crosses, there are also two crosses as the main pendant. A silver cross and a gold cross. Measures 13" hanging and 26" unclasped. Adjustable

Buffalo Soldier: on antique chain, brass, bronze, silver coins and feathers make up this 13" hanging, 26" unclasped piece of jewelry. A good one to layer and wrap.

Hand of Hamsa: Black & Clear CZ's on thick dark silver chain. 8" hanging, 16" unclasped. Adjustable.

Hand of Hamsa Blue: hanging 12" long and 24" unclasped you can wrap this to make a very gorgeous piece. Made with colored CZ's on blue leather and black chain. Accented with Chek beads.

Skull & Bones: Hangs 12" unclasped is 24". Made on black suede cord wrapped in silver. Layer it with a bullet necklace or handcuffs and you're ready to go!

The Golden Lion


Bullets with Chain

Hand of Hamsa


Buffalo Soldier

Silver Panther


The Golden Panther