True Warrior

We know what an Indian is but most importantly is the headdress. Each Indian would be given a feather when the tribe deemed they did something brave. Once enough collected they create a headdress. Meaning of an Indian.

A Mala and a Monk

Wrapped in the traditional cloths with the traditional colors is a monk holding the famous Mala. A Mala is equal to a rosary.  108 beads to pray on. Traditionally made of rosewood, malas now are made of many other types of specific beads.

S D R & R

A popular quote, mantra or just some very wise words. Laid against a worn red & black background. Everyone should have at least one necklace with these words of wisdom. It's just Rock & Roll Baby!


The Egyptian God Anubis carved into a cave wall. Anubis  is one of the most iconic Gods of Egypt. For more info on Anubis please click here.

Face the Buddha

Buddha, or the enlightened one, graces this dog tag with an unique artistry. With the gold and brown mixed hues along with the tilted face makes this piece a lovely one. The shadows and placement of light make me hypnotized when I look at it.


This beautiful mask made of a white substance to appear like cracked porcelain, accented with an ornate gold forehead design that leads down to the nose. There is also a small gold accent on the middle of the chin.

London Calling

A creative Dog Tag of England's Flag. The flag was melted onto tag using a special heating process. To make it look more weathered and unique we used specialized paints that give it a textured look yet smooth to the touch. Long live the Queen.

Lotus - Om

In this brilliantly colored piece is a lotus & an Om symbol. The Lotus represents purity, beauty & rebirth. The Om or Aum  is a sound that validates oneness & harmony. For more info on Om/Aum please click here.  Weathered paints on top of the melting image process was used to create this piece.

Lord Ganesh

Hindi God, Lord Ganesh, represents the remover of obstacles, because he can block and stampede through them. Lord Ganesh also is the God of acceptance and protection. More about Lord Ganesh here.

All You Need

A vibrant piece displaying a decorative Yin Yang. In Chinese philosophy or Taoism states: Yin/Yang equals wholeness. There’s a female & male, a negative & a positive or a light & a dark. Without one you can’t have the other. The interaction between the two influences the destinies of creatures and things.

Be Enlightened

A colorful watercolor feel design with a large lotus as main design. The lotus represents purity, beauty & rebirth. More info about the Lotus.

Headdress Skull

Although it is a skull, it remains a representation of an Indian/Warrior. The colorful headdress represents his bravery for and from his tribe. To learn more about the Indians, Warriors and the Headdress please click here.

Kuan Yin

She is the Buddhist God for mercy & compassion.Some would say she is the Mother Mary of Buddhism or the Madonna & saviouress of the East. For more info about Kuan Yin please click here. 

Green Peace

With a moss green weathered look in the background, we added two large peace signs that pop out about 1/8". The rest of the peace signs are smaller in size and flat to the touch. Very fashionable, symbolic and a great message to put out in the world.Peace definition.

Time is a Gift

Above the modernly designed clock are the words "Time is a Gift". This piece has a beautiful saying along with a dark edge to capture the eyes. It's yin and yang at its' finest.

AR Jewelry's Dog Tags are our most sought after item. You may purchase one directly off our site or you may submit your own image as a special order for no additional cost. Some ideas you can send are photos of you, your family, your pet, your own photography or design. The imagery is printed on a special paper, places on tag using a heating/melting process then coated for protection. Some pieces are graced with special paint to make design look weathered or vintage. Our Dog Tags are made of silver with a silver or gold 11" - 12" chain. All images used are designed by AR Jewelry or released to us by a professional graphic designer who supports AR Jewelry. If you prefer a longer chain please let us know on the check out page when you order. If you forget just email AR Jewelry asap and we will confirm your order. Enjoy our new Dog Tag Designs and please check back frequently as we add new designs all the time.  If you have a design please submit it to us. If approved you'll receive credit & we'll discuss the terms of using it.

Meditating Buddha

Specialized paints mixed with a beautifully designed Buddha in the meditation pose makes this piece gorgeous and grounded. This is one the top selling Buddha pieces and it goes with just about everything.

Eye of Horus

The Eye of Horus represents protection, royal power and good health. This symbol is seen with Gods and in hieroglyphs. For more info on the Eye of Horus please click here.  

Iconic Egypt

Featuring King Tut in a bolder and brighter way. This dog tag is beautifully designed and is quite the conversationalist piece. To learn more about King Tut please click here.

Buddha & Shiva

Buddha is someone who has obtained Prajna or full enlightenment. Prajna is the pure form of wisdom in Buddhism. Shiva  Nataraja is a depiction of the Hindu God Shiva as the cosmic dancer who performs his divine dance to destroy a weary universe and make preparations for the god Brahma to start the process of creation. More info

Egyptian Ankh

Sand-Gold Ankh with hieroglyphics & scarab. The Ankh which resembles the Knot of Isis simply means life, the concept of life and eternal life. This is one Egypts most well known symbols.

Ankh meaning - Scarab meaning - Knot of Isis meaning

Forever Young

Inspired by one of my favorite songs Forever Young. Originally written by Alphaville and recreated by many artists, my favorite version of this song is by The Youth Group. Click here to watch the video on YouTube. Click here to view a different video on YouTube.  This piece is decorated with black, grey & clear Swarovski crystals.It also has a weathered bronze look.


In bright vivid colors sits a Buddha in the meditation position. This is a great piece for grounding, getting rid of negativity and it clears your mind for acceptance from yourself.

Love Love Love

Using a red, gold and turquoise background the word "love" is chaotically placed. The word "love" is a mix of silver & gold and is secured to tag then coated for protection making this piece appear 3D but is smooth to the touch. Love definition.

Wise Owl

The owl has several symbolic meanings such as Wisdom, Mystery, Transition, Messages, Intelligence, Mysticism, Protection & Secrets. Complimented with a Yin Yang makes this design very powerful. For info about the Owl click here. To learn about the Yin Yang please click here.

Indian Warrior

We know what an Indian is but most importantly is the headdress. Each Indian would be given a feather when the tribe deemed they did something brave. Once enough collected they create a headdress. Meaning of an Indian.

AR JEWELRY by amy Radzik & maria ellena serrano

Sex Drugs & Rock & Roll

A popular quote, mantra or just some very wise words. Laid against a worn white and silver background. Everyone should have at least one necklace with these words of wisdom. It's just Rock & Roll Baby!

Peace Warrior

This daisy eyed warrior is a colorful take of the true Indian. Each time a warrior would do something brave for his tribe he would receive a feather. Once many are collected a headdress is created .Vinaj antiqued paints  mixed with the heating image process making this image pop, makes this piece vibrant, bold and beautiful. A great piece to wear with almost everything. 

King Tut

In its close to original coloring this piece has been enhanced to appear modern and more vibrant. To learn more about King Tut please click here.


Egyptian God Tatenen

The name of Egyptian God Tatenen means

Father of the Gods or Rise from the Earth.

This is a very well known God as he is

depicted in many books as well as

being carved in the walls of pyramids.

For more information about Tatenen

please visit here.

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Modern Buddha

With a vividly colored left side, the right side shows the Buddhas Face. Buddha: One who has obtained Prajna, the purest form of wisdom, or one who has obtained pure enlightenment. Info about  Lord Buddha

Egyptian Spiral

This Egyptian piece was painted on ancient caves. In the image is the Sacred Spiral; The spiral represents the universal pattern of growth and evolution. The spiral represents eternity, continuity, innocence, rebirth, eternal and it represents energy. If you look at pure energy under a microscope you will see that energy forms spiral patterns. Vintage paints & melting image process used for this design.